Yelp Review

June 2019

Besides hiking and chilling coming here is our top favorite thing to do in Idyllwild.

We are from San Diego and have come at least 3-4 times.  We bought ceramics at first in their artist member gallery.  Then we eventually decided to extend our stay long enough to take a class.  We used to only stay 2 nights in Idyllwild but now we book 3 nights in order to fit in a private ceramics class.

We have taken private workshops between 4 women as well as a workshop with our primary school age sons.  

The instructor and owner is a VERY good teacher with my active and nutty 7 year old.  The boys LOVED the experience and I was pleased we could spend quality time and enjoy doing an art project.  To me it was worth every penny to create these  type of experiences with family and friends.  Also of note,  the owner is was an educator in her past career which is why her communication and patience is soooo good with school age children. I'm a fan!

We will definitely continue coming back to Idyllwild as this is a regular part of our routine here.

Plus the location when the doors are open is just scenic and lovely.


Yelp Review

October 2018

Mountain Pottery rocks! I took a Leaf Dish Workshop on Saturday and had a great time. I made an impression of my leaf in clay, then cut it out and smoothed and sculpted it. It gets baked this week and glazed next week. I'm back in a few weeks to make an address plaque. They also have other classes and workshops. Lots of fun.