Hand Building

We offer multiple classes each week that focus on making pottery by hand. You can learn a wide variety of techniques such as pinch pots, coils, slabs… 



Freeform creativity. Join us for a clay sculpting class and make figurines, animals and anything your imagination can come up with. No prior experience needed. Classes include clay, instruction, use of sculpting tools and bisque firing in our kiln. Glazing your piece involves coming back for a glazing class or utilizing our glazing service.


Pottery Wheel

Pottery wheel classes are focused on wheel throwing techniques and form. We have a one time 2 hour basic class, 2 session basic plus class and a 4 session pottery wheel intensive.



Dip Glazing

Select from our colorful dip glazes for a beautiful finish to your pottery.


Glazing Class

Now that you have created a unique ceramics piece it's time to add color and durability with our selection of beautiful and colorful glazes. Our glazing classes include instruction on surface decoration using brushes and sponges and a variety of glazing techniques. Glazing classes include materials, instruction and glaze firing in our kiln. 


Glazing Service

Can't make it back up the problem. Select a single color glaze and one of our potters will glaze your piece for you. From $5.00 depending on the surface area to be glazed.